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Birthright Beauty

Beautiful mind, beautiful soul, beautiful brows

Living in your Birthright means being your authentic self. Being yourself is how we attract people who genuinely like us want to be around us and our energy. It's a boundary and a level of self respect and the right people WILL respect you in return, both professionally and personally! 

And being able to do allat, just makes you Beautiful 🤎

What is Ombre Powder Brows?

Ombre Powder Brows is a semi permanent makeup procedure that creates a soft powdery makeup look.

It gives a soft shade in the front and gets darker towards the tail, creating an ombré effect.

On average results lasts longer than microblading by 2 years.

This is ideal for anyone who wants to have SLAYED brows that are waterproof and smudge proof all day everyday!

How long does Ombré Powder Brow last?

Ombre Powder Brows last from 1-3 years, depending on your skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. 

It is recommended to get a touch up for a fresh look and vibrant pigment.

Depending on healed results, touch ups are required 4-8 weeks after the initial appointment.

Clients who desire a softer look/ lighter shade or improperly followed after care instructions may require more touch up appointments.

Results are not determined until touch up is completed.

Restrictions Apply

  • Not pregnant

  • Not breastfeeding

  • Must be 18 years old 

  • If you have previous work done, please email me clear and current photos to or DM me on instagram to determine approval.

  • Has a history of keloid scarring (test spot required)

  • Accutane within a year

  • No Botox 3-4 weeks prior

  • Skin sensitivities around brow (dermatitis, rosacea, eczema)

  • Diabetic

  • Has cancer or undergoing chemotherapy/radiation 

  • Viral infections or diseases

  • Epilepsy

  • Any treatment, medication or illness that compromises immune system/healing

COVID-19 Precautions

To ensure safety and protection for everyone, 

  •  If you are experiencing any sickness or COVID symptoms,  please reschedule within 48 hours.

  •  If I notice any COVID symptoms during your appointment, I will have to stop the service and you will be charged 100%. 

  •  I ask that you wear a mask upon arrival and during the service-even if you are vaccinated.

Pre Procedure

  • Eat 20-30 mins prior your appointment. Protein and carbs keep blood sugar steady, helps you be more comfortable and less sensitive.

  • Avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine 3 hours prior to your appointment. These are all stimulants and will heighten sensitivity, cause excessive bleeding and interrupt healing of the skin.

  • If you are on blood thinners, please consult with your doctor if you can wait 24 hours before the procedure. You can take them after the procedure is done. 

  • Avoid tanning / tanning beds 2 weeks prior.


       *Use before appointment at your own risk*


Consultation is done the day of your appointment. After filling out consent forms, I will take before pictures. After that we will discuss the shape and look you prefer. I ask that you show me how you draw them and inspiration pictures. Then I'll measure, map out and clean stray hairs. Before tattooing we can make changes until you agree on the outline.

Once shape and outline is approved, numbing cream is applied. For peace of mind, I will walk you through the entire procedure and inform you of each stage of the process. I will re apply numbing cream as needed. 

Numbing cream is applied but pain varies from person to person.


  • A non refundable deposit of $50 is required at booking in order to secure your appointment. 

  • This will be put toward the service and the remainder balance will be due at the time of your appointment.

  • Please send deposit to Venmo: Naomi-Ulani or Cashapp @ $NaomiUlani. If I don't receive it within 24 hours, your appointment will be back open to the public.

  •  Please allow a minimum of 72 hours to reschedule or cancel your appointment. A one time rescheduling is allowed, otherwise you forfeit your deposit.

  • Cancellations 48 hours or less will require a $25 fee. 

  • Please be respectful of my time as I am of yours. If you are 10 minutes late, you will be subjected to an extra charge of $20. I understand circumstances may occur and I would gladly reschedule. Otherwise your appointment will be cancelled and 50% of the service price will be charged.

  • No call, no shows will be charged 100% of the service and not allowed to book again.

  •  No kids or extra guests. 

  •  Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.

  •  I reserve the right to refuse service or fire a client for any given reason.

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