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Yoni steaming is a holistic practice for healing the sacred womb and has been used for centuries. A nourishing self love ritual that heals common issues that occur within the yoni. These herbs also serve spiritual purposes that promote inner trust + confidence, encourages self love + spiritual healing. Yoni steaming is effective by infusing herbs with gentle heat.



Every Yoni Steam comes with self love and womb affirmations that you can use while steaming

🌺 Calms menstrual symptoms, cramps, reduces bloating, lighter flow

🌺 Tones + tighten 

🌺 Cleanses and removes old energy and past lovers energies

🌺 Warming to the gut, lossens and flushes out any toxins or build up


Connecting you to your womb wisdom and deepening your intuition and self love, while healing and stimulating the Divine within you


DISCLAIMER: Yoni steaming is safe and effective. However it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases and is NOT evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

Do not use if pregnant , on menstruation cycle, breastfeeding, has an IUD, under medical treatment, or has an active infection. For legal reasons, consult with your doctor and do your own research on each herbs.

Gentle Yoni Steam

  • Yoni Steam Benefits:

    Jasmine:Aphrodisiac, libido enhancer, used for love spells, inner beauty, attracts pure love

    Neem: Natures Neosporin, regenerate skin cells, powerful protector, wards off evil spirits

    Nettle: Detoxifying, prevents and soothes bacteria vaginosis, UTI, pain relieving, physical mental and emotional healing, flushes toxins

    Yarrow: Stimulates uterus to eliminate pelvic congestion and ovarian cysts. Protects againsts negative energy + evil. Strengthens self, allowing and enhancing the ability to heal, and follow your chosen path

    Calendula: Fights and prevents yeast infection, heals wounds, anal+vaginal tears, soothes delicate skin, calls upon joy, comforts emotional trauma. Clears excess in body while soothing reproductive and immune system. Regulates flow of energy. Used for protection and prosperity

    Hibiscus: Botox flower, increases sexuality, creativity, + passion. Heals womb, fights bacteria+ infections, reduces blood clots, heals sexual trauma. Used for love spells

    Lavender: Speeds healing, sedative, tones+ tightens, divine awareness, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, alleviates anxiety+pain, spiritual healing, helps balance Chakras

    Chamomile: Anti-inflammatory, eases anxiety,

    insomnia + depression. Purify+Protect.

    Roses: Aphrodisiac, self love flower, spiritual protector, regulates hormones. Enhance female intuition, attracts love, health, good luck. Relieves personal tension

    Motherwort: Relax muscles, nourish tendons, relieve anxiety, regulates cycle

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